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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
By roger clark
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Stacey marries James-August 27  2016

Yes.....I's a winter wedding and you have got to expect that it might rain, or it might be cold....or both. Of course you hope it isn't either. It has been one of those 20+ years I havn't had this many wet winter weddings in one that's it....NO MORE !!!!


So you get the gist ?....It was wet and cold all day.


However, that did not stop Stacey and James getting married, because Leeuwin Estate has the Art gallery, which is perfect for that inside wedding, when it just HAS to be inside.


James still had a few tears in his eyes as he watched Stacey walk down the aisle.....and Stacey's dad was still beaming from ear to ear as he held his daughters arm....regardless of what was happening outside.

And where better to have a wedding reception on a cold winters night, than Leeuwin Estate, with those two wood fires throwing out that beautiful warmth.....


And then Stacey's stepdad puts on that ridiculous jacket.......well, you had to laugh, right !!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By roger clark
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I love winter weddings.....not too hot....and the light is always a little softer and more flattering, but there is always a chance when you have a winter wedding that the weather might throw a few curved balls your way.


Such was the case when Rohy married was wet and a little cold....although the kiwi's at the wedding didn't notice it, and thought I should toughen up !!! I was born and grew up in Invercargill, at the bottom extremity of the South Island....this was weather I was well used to....but it was still cold.


But there was lots of warmth emanating from Rohy and Michael's home in Busselton, Western Australia, as their was in the Marque erected in their back yard.

Nobody gave a s*** about the weather apparently.....especially the bride and groom !!

This was one of the happiest weddings I have been to in a while......and all weddings are happy, right ?


Thank you Rohy and Michael for letting me be a part of it......hope you like the photos.

Rohanne and Michael

Am I coming to your wedding ?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By roger clark
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Margaret River Elopement-Kia marries Stefan

On the 4th of July 2016, Kia married Stefan at Flutes Restuarant, Brookland Valley Estate, Margaret River.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
By Roger Clark
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Olivia is 18

I have been fortunate to photograph members of this family (Perth) for many years now. Apart from family portraits when they were very young I have also photographed each of the three children when they turned 18. Unfortunately, this is not something that is very common here in Australia....which is such a shame really, as it is such an important time in their lives and an opportunity for some really important photos.

This is Olivia's turn.....last of the children....the baby of the family !!....Now a beautiful young girl training to be a nurse.


I think I first photographed Olivia when she was about 4 years, this job sometimes makes me feel really old !!!

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Monday, June 27, 2016
By roger clark
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Amanda and Colin are having a baby !!!

This is pretty exciting.......Amanda is my niece, the eldest daughter of my brother Alan, and in 4 weeks she is having her first child. So pretty exciting times for the Clark / Guildford clans. Particularly looking forward to photographing the baby soon after it arrives and catching up with my little bro !!



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