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Tuesday, August 18, 2015
By roger clark
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Sometimes people book me for a portrait session, then on the day, they look out the window or check the weather forecast and it looks anything but perfect........naturally they want it perfect for their day so the session is cancelled.....and boy, that can be so frustrating !!!


Sometimes, though, they trust my judgement, and they decide to go ahead with it regardless of the weather......this was one of those days.

Even though we had to sit out a couple of showers, and brave a coldish wind and a persistant drizzle it paid off with awesome light, amazing clouds and even a rainbow made an appearance.  I wish every session was like this......but you don't get this on a "perfect day".

We ended up with pictures you just would not get on a blazing hot, cloudless day.

This is why I love shooting in the winter months