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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By roger clark
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Margaret River Elopement-Kia marries Stefan

On the 4th of July 2016, Kia married Stefan at Flutes Restuarant, Brookland Valley Estate, Margaret River.

Monday, October 12, 2015
By roger clark
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Lynn and Alastair are from Scotland. They were married just 3 years ago. Their photographer was......well, a bit average....a lot of people have made that mistake....he/she seemed nice and cheap, and he/she talked the talk.....but he/she didn't deliver as promised. It's always sad to hear these stories, but these guys decided to do something about it, and dwelling on the past wasn't the answer.


So they are in Australia, on a belated honeymoon and determined to get some nice pics of themselves while they are here. They chose a 3 hour "lovers session", jumped in the back of the "Shag'n Wagon", and I took them to various locations near to where they were staying in Bunkers Bay.


I think we got some great are some of them.

Thursday, September 03, 2015
By roger clark
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Margaret and Jeffrey elope at Losari Retreat, Margaret River


I love elopements....and we seem to get plenty of them down here in the south west.....this must be the elopement capital of Western Australia.


It was also the last weekend of winter and the weather was looking a bit suss, but the rain held off and celebrant Muareen Nicholson, got to do her job under the open sky....the sun even poked it's head through some pretty grey clouds halfway through the ceremony.

Margaret and Jeffrey from roger clark on Vimeo.



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Thursday, May 30, 2013
By roger clark
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An elopement at Hidden Valley Forest Retreat, Margaret River

You could not pick a better location than Hidden Valley Forest Retreat, for an elopement ceremony. Surrounded by bush, not another abode or person in site, just the two of them and the celebrant and the photographer of course....but we had to be there.......


Michelle and Shayne were married as the sun set, on a beautiful south west evening, while the champagne chilled and the wood fire warmed up their own private little chalet....what they got up to for the rest of that evening, none of us may ever know..........


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Tuesday, January 01, 2013
By roger Clark
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It may not appear great for business purely from a wedding photographers point of view but we are certainly getting more and more request's from young couples relating to photographing their elopement. In many cases it is just the couple alone with a celebrant and us filling in as photographers and witnesses to the event.

To be truthfully honest, I love photographing elopements. It is fantastic being able to just concentrate on photographing two people who are really into each other and not have to worry about all the family and the bridal party.

Over the last couple of years Envy Photography have shot elopements for many couples around Margaret River and Yallingup. Some lived locally, but most came from Perth , interstate or overseas.

Most elopement weddings plus photography are only for a couple of hours so the couple are also saving when it comes to the photography.

And lets face it, can you think of a better place to elope than our beautiful south west ?

Written by Roger Clark




Following is part of a story about elopements taken from the Sydney Morning Herald.

This extract from the Sygney Morning Herald

Lorraine Murphy admits the idea of a big wedding had never really appealed to her. Instead, she and her new husband Wade Tink felt they wanted “a day that was just about us, our closest family members and our vows to each other” so, November 2, they eloped and got married on the doorstep in Sydney where they first met three years ago. “It was amazing,” says Murphy. “Everything went so perfectly and was ten times better than I even hoped it would be. We would absolutely recommend it.”

Where once elopement might have involved escaping through a bedroom window at midnight and running off to marry in secret, nowadays most couples who choose to elope want a small, private, no-frills wedding without the wait, expense and stress of a traditional ceremony.

Murphy says it took just two and a half months from the proposal to organise everything for her wedding day. The doorstep nuptials were followed by a party in Bondi attended by around 80 friends and family who thought they were there to celebrate the couple’s joint 30th birthdays. “When the cake came out I did a speech and said I’d had the best year of my life. Then I said that it had just got more amazing because we just got married on the doorstep that we met on and there was a gap of about five seconds and then there was an ‘aargh’ and the whole ceiling just lifted. It was incredible.”


Elopements are a growth industry......

With the average wedding in Australia costing $48,296, according to Bride To Be’s 2011 Cost  of Love survey, eloping makes financial sense. Many destinations even offer special elopement packages. “The legal requirement is a minimum notice period of a month and a day for a ceremony to take place,” 

Murphy agrees the financial pressure of a wedding is hard on everyone. “I’ve seen other friends when they get married and it’s this huge planning exercise for a year and a half and they spend $40,000 and it takes over everyone’s lives around them and then the day after the wedding they feel so deflated,” says Murphy. 

Beyond the cost of a traditional wedding, family reasons are often cited says Callaghan. “In some cases one of the couple has family overseas and they don’t feel it is appropriate to just have the other’s family at their wedding. Sometimes there are different cultures with families who have different expectations so it gets too complicated.” 

Some couples choose to elope to side step the stress. “Some are very private people who hate being the centre of attention and some see the planning and the wedding as an ordeal" she says. 

In fact, 50 per cent of brides can't wait until the planning is over and almost one in four wish they could have eloped to save on all the stress of planning, according to an earlier Bride To Be survey.

Murphy says she and her husband chose to elope because “we've both had a huge year building our new businesses” and eloping “just takes all the pressure off.  If people think they are rocking up to a wedding there is so much more expectation on the couple to have all the fancy touches and [for us] there was no expectation, people just really enjoyed the party afterwards. There was no pressure on us at all, everything was just a bonus that it turned out. We went to our seventh friend's wedding this year and it’s really exhausting for everyone and expensive for people going to the wedding as well.”

Everyone should elope says Torie Bosch on Slate. “Unless you are wealthy, come from a family that has never known strife, enjoy giving up an entire year of your life to planning, and can smile in the face of any possible wedding disaster (and mean it, not just for pictures), you should elope. That's because weddings — even small-scale ones — are more pageant than sincerity.” 

Celebrities are doing it too. Jennifer Aniston is reportedly “eloping with friends” when she ties the knot with fiancé Justin Theroux. “[It will be a] destination wedding, kind of like eloping with a few friends,” a source told Us Weekly magazine. 



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