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Wednesday, January 07, 2015
By roger clark
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Its the 3rd of Jan 2015....Today Sarah married Roger at Wise Winery, Eagle Bay, Dunsborough.

It is also my first wedding for 2015 and very fitting that it is at Wise, as I photographed more weddings there last season than at any other venue. It is also one of my favourite venues....the staff are fantastic, they always look after me, the food is fantastic, and they always feed me...what more could I ask ?

Both the girls (all 6 of them ) and the guys (all six of them) got ready at Pullman's Resort at Bunker Bay, which is nice and close to is always a bonus when there is not too much travelling to and fro involved.

The ceremony was conducted by Maureen Nicholson with her usual aplomb and professional style....we are so blessed with some great celebrants here in the south west.  Because the bride and groom were looking directly into the sun and the light was patchy due to overhanging branches (my only beef with wedding ceremonies at Wise) I had to shoot primarily from behind the bride and groom ( you've got to go where the best light is ) and Maureen gave me plenty of space and made this very easy for me.


While it was a big bridal party ( and I make no secret of the fact that I prefer smaller bridal parties simply because large bridal parties are often much harder to work with....they take longer to organise and move around in particular.......while smaller bridal parties generally mean more time with just the bride and groom ) they were a good crowd and good fun........


Hope you enjoy the photos........


Sarah and Roger from roger clark on Vimeo.