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Monday, July 21, 2014
By Roger Clark
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On the 26th of July 2014, 55 odd motorbike riders will leave on their epic ride around Australia. Together they will circumnavigate the continent in just 32 days. They are doing this to raise money and awareness for depression and mental illness.


I am fortunate to be one of these riders. I have been a proud supporter of the Black Dog movement started by West Australian businessman Steve Andrew, for several years now, having been involved in three previous rides to the Red Centre, where riders from each state converged on Alice Springs.


This year we ride around the whole country, starting and finishing in Sydney, NSW. The total distance will be about 15000 km. There will be some long days in the saddle. Bikes will break down....some may not even finish.

I will attempt during the ride to photograph each participant with the intent of putting together a book at the end of the ride. 




If you would like to donate to this very worthy cause you can do so here......and I thank you in advance.


After 32 days on the road, some 55 jubilant and very emotional riders crossed the line at Bondi Beach, Sydney. We had just ridden around Australia...we were tired, wet (Sydney decided to lay on our first really wet day for us ) and very emotional. We arrived under police escort, jumped off our bikes and embraced each other and pumped our fists in the air. It had been quite a ride.

It had not been all smooth sailing.....Their had been some dissent from those not quite prepared for what lay ahead..several bikes had small hiccups and required time on the trailer...their had been crashes and as a result withdrawals from the ride....their was sadness and grief from the death of a state rider...a member of the "Black Dog Family".....

But there was also many positive things......great friendships resulted....a sense of achievement.......the message about awareness of depression and suicide prevention was being spread across the country....everywhere we went, people new who we were and the message we brought....and more than $ 360,000 was raised.

To say this was the greatest ride of my life does not give it credit and I am so proud to be a part of the Black Dog Family.

I am lucky....I do not suffer from depression or mental illness, but like so many others I have family members and friends who do and I have (like so many others) lost family to suicide. Depression is a terrible illness....I have met some wonderful people who suffer and fight the "Black Dog" every day of their lives. They need our help and understanding.....there is much we can do to help, even if it is just saying "are you OK?"

To those that I rode with on this great adventure, I say THANK has been a pleasure.......see you on the road !

 some late pics from the ride.........

Friday, June 27, 2014
By roger Clark
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I am about to join 64 other motorbike riders for the Black Dog Ride Around Australia 2014. We will be circumnavigating the country in 32 days....some 15000 km in all.

We are doing this to raise awareness of depression and suicide prevention, and raising funds for Lifeline and Mental Health First Aid.


And we are asking for your support. You can help by donating to this cause here...........


Thank you so much for your support


kind regards Roger Clark