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Wednesday, September 17, 2014
By Roger Clark
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Hi.....I'm Roger , 

I could say that photography is my passion,and I guess that's true, but it's not my life. My reason for being, is my family...and I am so fortunate that I can persue my passion in order to support the ones I love.

I have been extremely lucky to have had a successful photography career, and have achieved "Master" status in both Australia and New Zealand, with over 100 awards to my credit in the last 20 years as a professional photographer.

However the special thing about wedding and portrait photography is that it is all about families, and the connections that bind them together. Love is the "glue" that binds families. My job is to document that love. I have a pretty cool job.........


              Roger & Kirsty


In the beginning......

Born in New Zealand, I began life wanting to be an All Black.....that could have happened if I wasn't too small. too slow and lacking in talent......

I spent some time at university......the less said about that the better.........but I did get to play rugby for University under 20's in a curtainraiser to the All Blacks v. Junior All Blacks, which the Junior All Blacks that was something !!!

I have worked in the abbatoirs (freezing works ), have been a shepherd ( imagine a sheep nanny ), a shearer ( code for worked in the NZ fashion industry ), managed a sports store, and was a barman ( my first job in Australia ).

My big break came as a photographer with Pixifoto.....OK. I might be kidding about it being a big break, but it gave me the desire to be a real photographer.

So I got myself a real camera and spent the next 10 years broke......but that's photography !

It hasn't always been easy....having passion and a desire to be the best, doesn't mean it's going to happen.......but having passion and desire helps.....



After 15 years in the big city ( Perth ), and operating one of the busiest portrait/wedding studios in Western Australia,  Kirsty ( herself an accomplished photographer ) myself and our three girls made the sea change to the south west of the state, in the search of a quieter lifestlyle.

We now live on a couple of acres near Capel, with two very large Great Danes and some chooks.

I admit we have it pretty good and have no intention of moving back to Perth. These days we are taking life at a slower pace, with fewer clients but offering a more personal service. 

I remain one of Western Australia's most sought after photographers, because I continue to work hard to give my clients outstanding photography.



                                                Alexi, Brooklyn and Georgie

                                                                       My boy "Jack"

                                                                 The "Family"