A Wedding at Leeuwin Estate,Margaret River
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Tuesday, September 13, 2016
By roger clark
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Stacey marries James-August 27  2016

Yes.....I know.......it's a winter wedding and you have got to expect that it might rain, or it might be cold....or both. Of course you hope it isn't either. It has been one of those years....in 20+ years I havn't had this many wet winter weddings in one season....so that's it....NO MORE !!!!


So you get the gist ?....It was wet and cold all day.


However, that did not stop Stacey and James getting married, because Leeuwin Estate has the Art gallery, which is perfect for that inside wedding, when it just HAS to be inside.


James still had a few tears in his eyes as he watched Stacey walk down the aisle.....and Stacey's dad was still beaming from ear to ear as he held his daughters arm....regardless of what was happening outside.

And where better to have a wedding reception on a cold winters night, than Leeuwin Estate, with those two wood fires throwing out that beautiful warmth.....


And then Stacey's stepdad puts on that ridiculous jacket.......well, you had to laugh, right !!!!

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