A Morning Wedding at Bunkers Beach, near Dunsborough--Stacey and Simon
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Friday, October 03, 2014
By roger clark
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Envy Photographs Stacey and Simon's Morning Beach Wedding

I love it when someone listens to me....it doesn't happen very often. Some time ago I wrote a blog about having photos before the ceremony...the main advantage being that you don't have to leave your guest's after the wedding and take off for a couple of hours for photos......Stacey read it and decided that's what they were going to do.

There was another twist though.....Stacey and Simon wanted to get married at 8 am in the morning, which meant that we started taking photos at sunrise. Now the thing about getting married on the beach, or having photos on the beach, is that you want to be doing it as early as possible, or as late as possible, because there is nothing worse than the midday sun......I am talking anytime between 10 am to 4 pm here...for photography in particular. Here in the west the sun is so harsh that it makes photography very difficult......apart from the fact that it can also be very hot, windy and generally uncomfortable for all concerned.

Well....Stacey and Simon ticked all the boxes.......

We were on the beach as the sun came up......a very spectacular time for photos.

We got all the bridal portraits out of the way before the ceremony.


The wedding was at 8 am.....before the sun got too high in the sky !

We had the pleasure of listening to Paige Tranthem sing....

Apart from a few family photos Stacey and Simon were free to mix with their wedding guests and join them for Breakfast at the Bunkers Beach Cafe.


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Stacey and Simon from roger clark on Vimeo.

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