Shag'n Wagon Photo Booth

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"The Shag'n Wagon" Photo Booth


I have converted my 1985 GMC/Chevrolet Van (left hand drive)....most inappropriately dubbed "The Shag'n Wagon" into a mobile outdoor Photo Booth for weddings and events. It is a perfect fit for the already has wall to wall carpet, venetian blinds, plush curtains and a bench set in the rear to sit on....they sure knew how to do things in the 80's.......all it needed was a camera set-up and we were away !!! It will be a bit of a "blast from the past" and a whole lot of fun !!


As I am a professional photographer, I have outfitted the photo booth with a pro SLR digital (Nikon D3) camera and you are guaranteed great quality images and large high res digital files to take home.

Each time it is used it will print out one copy for the guest and one copy for you !


If you have already booked me to photograph your wedding this coming season I will be offering super deals to bring it along as well.


It will also be available to hire with any other wedding and event (in the south west of WA) 


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