Do you have two photographers ?

The short answer is no.  It is a bit of a myth that two photographers are better than one. Most of the really good photographers work alone, because it would be unusual for the second photographer to be as good, and why let someone else do something when you can do it better yourself. I do sometimes bring an assistant, to help with gear and lights etc, but they are not photographers. I find that when I am working , I move fairly quickly and there is nothing more annoying than finding the other photographer in the way.

One photographer means that my clients are not confused about where to look, nor will you get fewer shots or miss anything important.


You are based in the south west....do you go elsewhere ?

Most of my weddings are in the south west of Western Australia, but I will go to Perth  and interstate or overseas if required. There will of course be extra costs involved such as travel and accommodation.


What is your style ?

Well I guess you could say I am a creative documentary photographer with a classical grounding and a modern, edgy feel, but I am just happy if you like my photographs. I do like to keep it real though and prefer not to shoot pretend "fun" stuff or copy images you have seen on Pinterest from someone else's wedding.


How much time should we allow for photos between the ceremony and reception?

After the ceremony allow 30 minutes for congrats and family photos...this is your time to take a breath and enjoy the moment.

Then about one hour is probably the minimum time to allow for the bridal portraits...more is always better

If you are driving anywhere you will need to add travel time into the equation....some places like the beach are more difficult to access.

Large bridal parties require more time....herding sheep is sometimes easier

Start your reception as late as possible....remember the best time to be shooting is the last hour or so before sunset !!


Do we have to feed you at the reception?

No.....you don't. But if I am staying for the reception remember I probably started about lunch time and won't have stopped since.....so being fed would ensure I stay cheerful and don't die of exhaustion and starvation. Please request that the staff fed me early rather than last so that it is not served up as you enter the dance floor.


Can Family and Friends take pictures ?

Of course they can.......except when we take you away for the bridal portraits......this includes the bridal party...it just gets too distracting. especially when time is limited.