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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
By roger clark
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Renee marries Scott

25th of Feb 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017
By roger Clark
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Lili and Brock are married


11th Feb 2017, at Margaret River, Western Australia


photography by Roger Clark

Thursday, September 15, 2016
By roger clark
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Kate marries Lee-2nd of September 2016

For the second week in a row, inclement weather forced the ceremony inside. 


But after the formal ceremonies were done we were able to venture out....the rain stopped....the sun kinda came out and we found ourselves on a nice green paddock for the photos. The boys were all wearing their boots, so we had to go somewhere they felt comfortable........and whats a few cowpats when you're a bunch of strapping country boys from Narrogin. 

What a great crew though and what a thoroughly great day !


Back at Abbey Beach Resort, the reception looked an absolute treat, the food was fabulous, the service even better, and the dance floor was heaving........there was even a couple of blokes who appeared to lose their trousers !!


Sometimes this photography thing just seems so easy.......everything just clicks. This was one of those days......thank you to Kate and Lee for being such wonderful human beings, thanks to the bridal party for.....well the same reason.....And a special thanks to the staff at Abbey Beach Resort. In 25 years shooting weddings this was the first time I have been fed the entree, main course AND desert, AND even got a piece of wedding cake, all on the same night !! I was feeling kinda special!



make up artist: Jen Thomas

hair stylist: Fiona Locock (I do Hair)

wedding dress:Rafinato Bridal

Florist:Bunbury Flower Market

Cake: Sweet Stylin-Summa Taylor

celebrant:Laurissa Knowles

ceremony: Abbey Beach Resort

reception: Abbey beach Resort

DJ:DJ Jay (Bridal Beats)

MC: Dennis Gittos

Kate and Lee

wedding photography of kate and Lee's wedding at Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton, photographed by Roger Clark, Envy photography.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016
By roger clark
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Stacey marries James-August 27  2016

Yes.....I's a winter wedding and you have got to expect that it might rain, or it might be cold....or both. Of course you hope it isn't either. It has been one of those 20+ years I havn't had this many wet winter weddings in one that's it....NO MORE !!!!


So you get the gist ?....It was wet and cold all day.


However, that did not stop Stacey and James getting married, because Leeuwin Estate has the Art gallery, which is perfect for that inside wedding, when it just HAS to be inside.


James still had a few tears in his eyes as he watched Stacey walk down the aisle.....and Stacey's dad was still beaming from ear to ear as he held his daughters arm....regardless of what was happening outside.

And where better to have a wedding reception on a cold winters night, than Leeuwin Estate, with those two wood fires throwing out that beautiful warmth.....


And then Stacey's stepdad puts on that ridiculous jacket.......well, you had to laugh, right !!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By roger clark
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I love winter weddings.....not too hot....and the light is always a little softer and more flattering, but there is always a chance when you have a winter wedding that the weather might throw a few curved balls your way.


Such was the case when Rohy married was wet and a little cold....although the kiwi's at the wedding didn't notice it, and thought I should toughen up !!! I was born and grew up in Invercargill, at the bottom extremity of the South Island....this was weather I was well used to....but it was still cold.


But there was lots of warmth emanating from Rohy and Michael's home in Busselton, Western Australia, as their was in the Marque erected in their back yard.

Nobody gave a s*** about the weather apparently.....especially the bride and groom !!

This was one of the happiest weddings I have been to in a while......and all weddings are happy, right ?


Thank you Rohy and Michael for letting me be a part of it......hope you like the photos.

Rohanne and Michael

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